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Bribery Punishment in UAE Dubai: Laws and Enforcement

bribery punishment in uae

The UAE’s legal framework governing bribery and corruption is comprehensive and stringent.

The UAE employs a multi-faceted approach to combat these offences, involving various federal laws and regulations.

This article delves into the intricacies of bribery punishment in UAE, the legal framework, enforcement agencies, and business challenges.

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Bribery Punishment in UAE: Laws and Enforcement.

Bribery is the act of offering, receiving, or accepting undue benefits, gifts, or grants to influence the actions of public officials or individuals in the private sector.

UAE law distinguishes between bribery of public officials and private persons. The consequences for bribery offences are severe, including imprisonment, fines, and confiscation of benefits.

Both individuals and corporate entities can be held liable, with varying penalties for each.

Corruption and Bribery Laws.

The UAE has a robust legal framework that addresses bribery and corruption through multiple laws and regulations.

The New UAE Federal Penal Code (Federal Law No. 31 of 2021, amended through Federal Decree–Law No. 36 of 2022) is a key legislation governing bribery and corruption in the country.

This comprehensive law criminalizes various forms of bribery, targeting public officials, private sector employees, and entities.

Moreover, the UAE has ratified international conventions, including the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC), underscoring its commitment to fighting corruption.

Jurisdiction and Enforcement Agencies.

Various authorities in the UAE have jurisdiction to investigate and prosecute bribery cases.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID), police, public prosecution offices, and specialized entities like the Economic Security Centre of Dubai (ESCD) investigate and prosecute bribery offences.

The CID employs covert operations to detect bribery instances effectively.

Additionally, the ESCD focuses on combatting corruption, fraud, and bribery, playing a crucial role in ensuring transparency and integrity.

Challenges and Emerging Trends.

Enforcement agencies face challenges in detecting and investigating bribery cases due to the covert nature of such crimes.

However, the UAE has committed to addressing these challenges by continuously updating its legal framework.

Establishing the ESCD and recent reforms demonstrate the country’s proactive approach to combating bribery and corruption.

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FAQs about bribery punishment in UAE.

Various agencies, including the CID and the ESCD, are responsible for investigating and prosecuting bribery offences in the UAE.
Bribery offenders can face imprisonment, fines, and confiscation of benefits, both for individuals and corporate entities.


The UAE’s commitment to combating bribery and corruption is evident through its robust legal framework, enforcement agencies, and proactive measures.

Legal experts like Al Mulla continue to provide valuable guidance, ensuring a just and corruption-free society in the UAE.

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