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Company Incorporation In Dubai UAE

Company Incorporation in Dubai

This article will explore the process of company incorporation in Dubai and various application methods.

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Company Incorporation In Dubai

Starting a business in Dubai as a foreigner involves a streamlined procedure that can be completed in just a few simple steps.

Entrepreneurs can either visit the Department of Economic Development in person or opt for the convenience of digital platforms.

The latter, exemplified by the Basher platform, has revolutionized the landscape by offering a rapid licensing process, with approvals in as little as 15 minutes.

Type of company registration in Dubai

  • Applying Online Through Basher:
    The Basher platform stands out as a unified solution, seamlessly bringing together local and federal government agencies.
    This facilitates a swift online application process for business incorporation in Dubai.
    By submitting the necessary documents, businesses can secure their commercial license within a mere 15 minutes, making it the ideal choice for those who value efficiency.
  • In-Person Application:
    For those who prefer a more traditional approach, the option to apply in person remains viable.
    Visit government service centers, Tasheel offices, OnTime offices for government services, or the customer happiness centers affiliated with the departments of economic development across all emirates.
    These physical locations provide a personal touch to the company incorporation process.

Timeframes for Company Setup

Whether applying online through Basher or in person at the Department of Economic Development, the timeframes for setting up a company in Dubai are impressively short.

Expect your business to be operational in just four days when dealing directly with the Department of Economic Development, or a mere 15 minutes through the Basher online platform.

FAQs about Dubai Business Incorporation

It takes approximately 4 days through the Department of Economic Development and just 15 minutes via the Basher online platform.
Yes, you can apply for company incorporation online through the Basher platform, making it accessible for individuals outside the UAE to establish their business in Dubai.


In conclusion, company incorporation in Dubai has evolved into a swift and accessible process.

The introduction of digital platforms like Basher has significantly expedited the licensing procedure, making it a go-to choice for many entrepreneurs.

Whether opting for the speed of online applications or the personalized touch of in-person visits, Dubai’s business landscape welcomes all.

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