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Criminal Case Procedure in UAE Dubai

criminal case procedure in uae

A recent milestone in UAE’s legal landscape is the issuance of Federal Law No. 38 for 2022, promulgating the new Criminal Procedures Law.

In this article, we delve into the changes in the criminal case procedure in UAE, shedding light on crucial updates and their implications.

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Criminal Case Procedure in UAE Dubai.

Typically, within 48 hours of receiving the complaint, the local police forward the case to the prosecutor’s office.

According to Article 47 of the law, the Public Prosecution is required to interrogate the accused within 24 hours and then decide whether to detain or release them.

Criminal procedure law UAE.

The new Criminal Procedures Law, replacing the old Federal Law No. 35 of 1992, signifies the UAE’s commitment to modernising its legal framework.

The key amendments that stand out are:

UAE criminal law public prosecution.

The new law grants the public prosecution the authority to take conservatory measures concerning suspected crime-related assets.

These measures include tracing, locating, freezing, and appointing an asset custodian.

This enhancement ensures that assets linked to criminal activities are effectively managed and prevented from further misuse.

Criminal case plea bargain.

An innovative addition is the introduction of the concept of plea bargains. The public prosecution is now empowered to offer plea bargains to defendants.

A plea bargain involves a defendant admitting culpability in exchange for a reduced penalty for specific felonies and crimes.

This mechanism aims to expedite trials and encourage defendants to take responsibility for their actions.

Criminal case legal help.

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FAQs criminal case procedure in UAE.

The new Criminal Procedures Law, Federal Law No. 38 for 2022, replaces the old law and introduces significant amendments to streamline criminal case procedures.
You will typically be informed by the authorities or legal representatives if you are involved in a criminal case in the UAE.
In the UAE, criminal cases can sometimes be withdrawn under certain circumstances, but it typically requires legal procedures and approval from the relevant authorities.
If you have a police case in Dubai, the authorities will investigate the matter, and depending on the severity and nature of the case, legal actions such as questioning, detention, or release may follow.
Yes, Dubai authorities conduct checks on criminal records, especially for various purposes such as employment, visa applications, and residency permits.


The UAE’s new Criminal Procedures Law signifies a crucial step towards a more efficient and just legal system.

The amendments empower the public prosecution to safeguard crime-related assets and introduce plea bargains to streamline proceedings.

As individuals and businesses navigate criminal case procedures in the UAE, legal experts like Al Mulla stand ready to provide essential guidance and support.

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