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Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai for Fraud Cases UAE

Criminal lawyers in Dubai for fraud cases

When facing fraud charges, aligning with the best criminal lawyers in Dubai for fraud cases is pivotal to ensure a strong defence and safeguard your rights.

This article is your guide to discovering the top 5 criminal lawyers for fraud cases in Dubai UAE, and the best services Mr Al Mulla offers.

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Best Criminal Lawyers in Dubai for Fraud Cases.

  1. Al Mulla Labour Lawyer & Legal Consultant.
    Recognized for unparalleled criminal fraud case legal expertise.
    In-depth knowledge of Dubai’s fraud laws.
  2. Al Rowaad Advocates.
    Well-established firm specializing in criminal defence for fraud cases.
    Proven track record in securing favourable outcomes.
  3. Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates.
    Expertise in fraud case litigation and strategic defence.
    Strong negotiation skills for effective representation.
  4. Bin Eid Advocates & Legal Consultants.
    Renowned for comprehensive fraud case legal services.
    The dedicated team is experienced in handling complex fraud cases.
  5. Al Shaiba Advocates.
    Specialized focus on fraud case defence.
    Trusted advisors for clients facing fraud charges.

Best criminal legal services Dubai.

  • Bank and Loan Fraud Defense.
    Mr. Al Mulla offers legal assistance to individuals accused of bank and loan fraud, employing strategies to challenge the allegations and mitigate potential penalties.
  • Credit Card Fraud Representation.
    Specializing in credit card fraud cases, Mr. Al Mulla provides defense services, focusing on questioning the validity of the accusations and the intent behind them.
  • Embezzlement Case Handling.
    Mr. Al Mulla aids clients facing embezzlement charges, offering expertise in negotiating settlements and defending against misappropriation allegations.
  • Forgery Charges Defense.
    In cases of forgery, Mr. Al Mulla assists clients by challenging the evidence and the intent behind the forgery, especially in document or signature falsification.
  • Identity Theft Legal Support.
    Mr. Al Mulla provides comprehensive legal support to individuals accused of identity theft, aiming to prove the absence of fraudulent intent or misuse of identity.

FAQs about Criminal lawyers in Dubai for fraud cases.

In Dubai, fraud is governed by the UAE Penal Code, which defines fraud as the act of obtaining a benefit or causing others to lose by deceit or fraudulent means. Legal action and penalties are determined based on the specifics of the fraud committed.
The victim of fraud in the UAE is any individual or entity that suffers a loss or damage due to the deceitful or fraudulent actions of another party. This includes both financial and non-financial losses.
Crime punishments in Dubai, as per UAE law, range from fines, deportations, and community service to short-term or long-term imprisonment, depending on the severity and nature of the crime committed.
Mr. Al Mulla specializes in bank and loan fraud defense, credit card fraud representation, embezzlement case handling, forgery charges defense, and identity theft legal support.

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