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Best Services for Family Business Disputes In UAE Dubai

family business disputes in UAE

Family businesses in the UAE, often incorporated companies under the Companies Law wherein most shares are owned, are not immune to disputes.

This emphasizes the importance of having expert Lawyers and Legal Consultants on board.

In this article, we’ll explore the best legal services for family business disputes in UAE, spotlighting the expertise provided by Al Mulla, Lawyers & Legal Consultants.

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Best Services for Family Business Disputes in UAE

Family business disputes in UAE

  1. Arbitration Services.
    Arbitration offers a swift and confidential resolution in the Procedure for evaluating shares and distributing profits. Mr. Al Mulla specializes in guiding families through this process, ensuring a fair outcome.
  2. Mediation Expertise.
    Mediation, a crucial step when family businesses are not immune to disputes, can be a constructive alternative. Al Mulla excels in facilitating productive discussions, helping families reach mutually beneficial agreements.
  3. Succession Planning.
    Avoiding disputes starts with meticulous succession planning, an incorporated part of the family business.
    Mr. Al Mulla provides strategic guidance to families, ensuring a smooth leadership transition and minimizing potential conflicts.
  4. Shareholder Agreement Drafting.
    Clear and comprehensive shareholder agreements prevent disputes, particularly in an incorporated company. Al Mulla crafts customized arrangements that address potential areas of contention before they escalate.
  5. Family Constitution Development.
    Establishing a family constitution is integral to the Companies Law wherein majority shares are owned. It helps define roles, responsibilities, and dispute resolution mechanisms. Al Mulla assists in creating effective constitutions tailored to each family’s unique dynamics.
  6. Dispute Resolution Workshops.
    Prevention is critical when considering and settling all disputes arising from the implementation of family ownership.
    Al Mulla conducts workshops to educate family members on effective communication and conflict resolution strategies, fostering a harmonious business environment.
  7. Litigation Representation.
    In cases where litigation is unavoidable, Mr. Al Mulla provides expert representation, considering and settling all disputes arising from implementing family ownership.
    His extensive experience in UAE courts ensures families receive solid legal support during litigation.
  8. Employment Dispute Resolution.
    Family businesses, including an incorporated company, often face employment-related disputes.
    Al Mulla offers specialized services to address conflicts among family members and non-family employees, promoting a fair and just resolution.
  9. Financial Dispute Resolution.
    Financial disagreements, a potential fallout in an incorporated family business, can be particularly sensitive. Al Mulla excels in negotiating financial settlements, ensuring equitable distribution, and safeguarding the family business’s financial stability.
  10. Real Estate Dispute Management.
    Real estate disputes, an intricate part of an incorporated family business, can significantly impact.
    Al Mulla provides expert guidance in resolving real estate conflicts related to ownership, leasing, or property development.

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FAQs about Family Business Conflicts in UAE

Al Mulla offers a comprehensive range of services, including arbitration, mediation, succession planning, shareholder agreement drafting, family constitution development, dispute resolution workshops, litigation representation, employment dispute resolution, financial dispute resolution, and real estate dispute management.
Succession planning is crucial as it ensures a smooth leadership transition, minimizing potential conflicts. Mr. Al Mulla provides strategic guidance to families to facilitate this process.


Family business disputes in UAE, especially those arising from implementing family ownership, require a nuanced and expert approach.

Al Mulla Lawyers & Legal Consultants are the go-to professionals for resolving these issues effectively.

With a comprehensive range of services, including arbitration, mediation, succession planning, and litigation representation, Al Mulla Lawyers ensure that family businesses can navigate challenges successfully.

Choose the expertise of Al Mulla for a harmonious and legally sound resolution to your family business disputes in the UAE.

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