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No Imprisonment for Debt Dubai in 2023 – New principle

no imprisonment for debt dubai

In a groundbreaking move, the Court of Cassation in the United Arab Emirates has issued a new principle that places human dignity at the forefront of legal proceedings.

In this article, we explore the implications of no imprisonment for debt Dubai principle and the profound impact it has on the treatment of debtors in Dubai.

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No Imprisonment for Debt Dubai.

Under the new principle, a seismic shift in how debt-related matters are handled has occurred, with a resolute focus on ensuring that no individual is imprisoned for debt unjustly. Let’s break down the key aspects of this principle:

  1. The Burden of Proof.
    One of the primary tenets of the new principle is that a debtor cannot be imprisoned unless the creditor can provide substantial evidence of the debtor’s insolvency.
    This means that the onus is on the creditor to demonstrate that the debtor genuinely lacks the financial means to settle the debt.
  2. Concealment and Flight.
    In cases where it is proven that the debtor is attempting to conceal their assets or is in the process of fleeing with them, imprisonment may still be a possibility. The principle acknowledges the need to address fraudulent actions while upholding the debtor’s dignity.
  3. Unsettled Agreements.
    Should there be an unsettled agreement between the creditor and the debtor, and the debtor fails to adhere to the payment terms specified in the settlement, the debtor may face legal consequences. However, imprisonment remains a last resort, emphasizing the importance of fair treatment.
  4. Initial Investigation.
    Prior to an execution judge issuing a decision to seize and bring in the debtor, an initial investigation must be conducted. This step ensures that there is a valid reason to take legal action against the debtor, safeguarding individuals from unwarranted imprisonment.

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FAQs about no imprisonment for debt Dubai.

The new principle in Dubai presumes a debtor's insolvency over solvency and restricts imprisonment unless certain conditions are met.
Debtors may face imprisonment if they are proven to be concealing assets, attempting to flee, or violating settlement agreements.
An initial investigation ensures there is a valid reason to take legal action against the debtor, preventing unwarranted imprisonment.


The new principle established by the Court of Cassation in the United Arab Emirates, declaring “no imprisonment for debt Dubai,” represents a monumental step forward in ensuring fair treatment of debtors.

By shifting the burden of proof onto creditors, addressing fraudulent actions, and emphasizing the importance of initial investigations, this principle upholds human dignity while protecting the rights of creditors.

Al Mulla’s expertise is the key to navigating this legal landscape with confidence, making him the top choice for debt-related cases in the UAE.

Dubai has set a commendable example for protecting the rights and dignity of individuals facing financial challenges.

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