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Penalty for Driving Without License in Dubai UAE

penalty for driving without license in dubai

Driving in Dubai demands compliance with traffic laws, including always possessing a valid driver’s license.

This article provides detailed information about the penalty for driving without license in Dubai under current laws in 2024.

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Penalty for Driving Without License in Dubai

Understanding the crucial aspects of obtaining and renewing driving licenses in Dubai is important. Different stipulations apply based on age and nationality, per Ministerial Resolution No. 177 of 2017.

  • Driving Without a License.
    If caught driving without a valid license, you’ll face an AED 400 fine. Always carry your license as it serves as proof of authorization.
  • Foreign License Not Recognized.
    Even if you possess a license from your home country, obtaining a UAE driver’s license is essential. Failing to do so results in an AED 400 fine.
  • Vehicle Mismatch.
    Operating a vehicle not indicated on your license incurs an AED 400 fine, adding 12 black points to your record.
  • Expired License.
    Driving with an expired license leads to an AED 500 fine, four black points, and a potential vehicle impoundment for seven days.
    Additionally, an AED 10 fine per month after expiry applies.
  • Failure to Surrender License.
    Neglecting to hand over your license upon committing a serious violation results in a fine of AED 1,000 for the first offence, AED 2,000 for the second, and AED 3,000 for the third.
    Accumulating 24 black points may lead to license suspension.

Beyond driving without a license, understanding other traffic laws is essential.

These include consequences for distractions, running red lights, reckless driving, speeding, and driving under the influence.

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FAQs about Punishment for Driving Without License in Dubai

Attending a safe driving course approved by the Dubai Police can help remove black points from your license.
A maximum of 24 black points on your license in Dubai can lead to license suspension.
Driving without a valid license in Dubai can result in a fine of AED 400.
The AED 400 fine in Dubai is the penalty for various offenses, including driving without a valid license.
Driving with a foreign license in UAE without obtaining a UAE driver's license can result in a fine of AED 400.

Conclusion about penalty for driving without license in Dubai.

Driving without a license in Dubai carries significant penalties and serious consequences. Ensure you always carry a valid driver’s license to avoid fines, black points, and legal issues.

Compliance with traffic laws not only protects you but contributes to road safety for everyone.

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