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Punishment for Assault in UAE Dubai

punishment for assault in uae

The UAE Public Prosecution (PP) clarifies the penalties associated with the assault on public employees, shedding light on the consequences of such actions.

This article delves into the details of the punishment for assault in UAE, as outlined by the Federal Decree-Law No.31 of 2021 on crimes and Penalties.

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Punishment for Assault in UAE.

According to Article 297 of the Federal Decree-Law No.31 of 2021 on crimes and Penalties, the penalties for assault on public employees are defined based on the severity and circumstances of the incident.

Violent Crimes.

Suppose an individual employs force against a public servant to compel them to perform or refrain from actions related to their job duties.

In that case, the perpetrator can face detention for at least six months. However, this penalty is applicable if the goal of the assault is not achieved.

Consequences of Assault.

In cases where the perpetrator successfully coerces the public servant or person in charge of public service to act against their job functions, the penalty escalates.

The offender can be sentenced to detention for no less than one year.

Assault and Battery.

If the assault involves premeditation, multiple perpetrators, clear possession of a weapon, or battery, the penalty becomes more severe.

In such instances, the offender may face detention for at least one year and a fine not exceeding Dhs100,000.

FAQs about punishment for assault in UAE.

The penalty can range from six months' detention to one year or more, depending on the circumstances.
Battery laws in the UAE, under Federal Decree-Law No.31 of 2021 on crimes and Penalties, pertain to physical harm caused intentionally, and the severity of penalties depends on factors such as premeditation, weapons use, and the extent of injury.
Assault involves the threat or attempt of force on another, with specific intent to cause physical injury. It is addressed under the same legal framework.


The UAE’s commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment is evident through its strict stance on assault cases involving public employees.

As elucidated by the UAE Public Prosecution, the penalties for assault vary based on intent, outcome, and aggravating circumstances.

It is crucial for individuals facing assault charges to seek expert legal assistance.

Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant is a trusted partner in navigating UAE’s legal landscape complexities.

By adhering to these legal guidelines and seeking appropriate legal counsel, individuals can contribute to the community’s overall well-being and ensure justice prevails.

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