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New punishment for consuming drugs in Dubai UAE

punishment for consuming drugs in dubai

The Federal Decree No. 30 of 2021 on combating narcotics and psychotropic substances delineates a comprehensive framework for dealing with offenders.

In this article, you read about the punishment for consuming drugs in dubai, ranging from first-time convictions to repeated offences.

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Punishment for consuming drugs in Dubai.

For those facing their first drug-related conviction in Dubai, the consequences are clear. Offenders may be slapped with a three-month prison term or a fine ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000.

What sets Dubai apart is its progressive approach – the court holds the authority to replace punitive measures with treatment through specialized rehabilitation units.

UAE drug laws 2023.

The legal landscape becomes graver for repeat offenders within three years of their initial conviction. The law dictates a six-month jail term or a fine between Dh30,000 and Dh100,000.

Dubai emphasizes the need for corrective measures, balancing punishment with opportunities for rehabilitation.

This nuanced approach aims to address the root causes of drug-related issues rather than merely imposing punitive measures.

Dubai drug use laws.

A third-time offence raises the stakes significantly. Offenders in this category face a two-year prison term and a hefty fine of at least Dh100,000.

Dubai’s legal system adopts a zero-tolerance stance for persistent offenders, combining imprisonment with substantial penalties to deter individuals from engaging in drug-related activities.

UAE drug punishment.

Dubai’s legal system clearly distinguishes the consequences for third-time offenders. Unlike the previous convictions, individuals facing a third violation can expect imprisonment and fines.

This dual approach underscores the severity of the situation, reinforcing the message that persistent drug-related offences will be met with uncompromising legal measures.

FAQs about punishment for consuming drugs in Dubai.

If caught with drugs in Dubai, the legal consequences vary depending on the situation. For first-time offenders, penalties may include a three-month prison term or a fine ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000. Repeat offenses and persistent violations carry more severe consequences.
First-time offenders may face a three-month prison term, while repeat offenses within three years may lead to a six-month jail term. Third-time offenses result in a two-year prison term.


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In summary, Dubai’s approach to punishment for consuming drugs is multifaceted, emphasizing rehabilitation, escalating consequences for repeat offences, and an unwavering stance for persistent violations.

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