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Penalty For Working On A Tourist Visa In UAE Dubai 2023

penalty for working on a tourist visa in uae

This article will shed light on the penalty for working on a tourist visa in UAE and provide essential steps to legally transition to an employment visa in 2023.

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Penalty for Working on a Tourist Visa in UAE.

One of the gravest consequences of working on a tourist visa in the UAE is facing a lifetime ban on entering the country.

To ensure a smooth and legal transition to employment, it’s vital to understand the proper steps.

Steps to Transition to Employment Visa.

  1. Offer Letter.
    To work on an employment visa in the UAE, the first step is to secure an offer letter from a company in the country. This offer letter should be approved and clearly outline employment terms and conditions.
  2. Approval from Ministry.
    Upon accepting the offer letter, your employer must obtain approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE). This step is crucial to ensure your employment complies with UAE laws.
  3. Work Permit.
    Once MoHRE approval is secured, you can complete the necessary medical checkup. This medical examination is a standard requirement to ensure you are fit for employment in the UAE.
  4. Visa Stamping.
    With a cleared medical report, the next step is fingerprinting at the Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA). This process is essential for obtaining your Emirates ID and visa issuance.
  5. Emirates ID.
    The Emirates ID is a vital document for anyone residing and working in the UAE. It is an official identification and must always be kept with you for various official purposes.

FAQs about penalty for working on a tourist visa in UAE.

Working on a tourist visa in the UAE can result in a lifetime ban from entering the country and deportation.
The key steps include obtaining an offer letter, securing approval from the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization, undergoing a medical checkup, completing visa stamping, and obtaining an Emirates ID.


In conclusion, working on a tourist visa in the UAE can lead to a lifetime ban and deportation.

Understanding the severe consequences and the importance of following the legal process is imperative.

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By following the correct procedures, you can fulfil your dream of working in the UAE without facing penalties.

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