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How to Appeal in Dubai Court UAE?

how to appeal in dubai court

How to appeal in Dubai court?

This article guides on Appealing in Dubai Court, outlining the essential steps, procedures, and requirements to ensure a smooth and effective appeals process.

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How to appeal in Dubai court?

  1. Login with UAE Pass / Create an Account: The initial step involves creating an account or logging in using UAE Pass, the secure digital identity provided by the UAE government.
  2. Register the Appeal: Once logged in, applicants can register their appeal, providing essential details about the case and the reasons for the objection.
  3. Schedule the Date of Session: An important aspect of the appeal process is scheduling a session where attendance is compulsory. This ensures that the appellant has the opportunity to present their case effectively.

Requirements and Documents:

The submission of the appeal application is a crucial step, and certain requirements must be met:

  • The convicted person or their agent must submit the application.
  • The case should have been sentenced in the presence of the first instance court.
  • The user must be registered in the Public Prosecution system.
  • Meeting these requirements is essential for a successful appeal process.

Dubai Court Appeal Procedure.

When dissatisfied with a judgment from a first instance court, individuals have the right to appeal.

The appeal process is initiated by the convicted person or their representative, and the submission must occur within the legal timeframe.

Service Fees and Duration:

The appeal process is not only a right but also an efficient service. For a nominal fee of 20, applicants can expect a quick turnaround, with the service duration taking just 10 minutes.

This streamlined approach ensures that justice is accessible and prompt for those seeking to appeal a court decision.

FAQs about how to appeal in Dubai court.

The appeal process allows individuals dissatisfied with a first instance court judgment to present their objections within the legal timeframe, emphasizing justice and fairness.
The appeal service in Dubai typically takes just 10 minutes, ensuring a prompt and efficient resolution for those seeking to appeal a court decision.


The right to appeal in Dubai court is a valuable legal provision that ensures individuals have a fair chance to contest judgments they believe are unjust.

By following this step-by-step guide and availing the services of reputable legal professionals like Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant, one can navigate the appeals process with confidence.

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