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Rental Dispute Dubai Appeal in 2024

rental dispute dubai appeal

Rental dispute Dubai appeal involves various steps and legal processes. Understanding the procedure and legal rights is crucial for tenants and landlords. This article introduces the steps and requirements of Dubai’s rental dispute appeal process and related legal services in 2024.

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Rental Dispute Dubai Appeal Process

The rental dispute appeal process in Dubai involves several key steps and requirements. Here’s a detailed breakdown to guide you through:

  1. Filing a Case: The initial step involves filing a rental dispute case with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) through the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The fee for filing a case is typically 3.5% of the annual rent, with a minimum fee of AED 500 and a maximum of AED 20,000.
  2. Documents Required: Essential documents include the Emirates ID, written contract, Power of Attorney (if applicable), and an Explanatory Memorandum. Ensure all documents are in Arabic or legally translated.
  3. Complaint Verification: The Real Estate Services Trustees Centers verify the complaint to ensure compliance with legal standards.
  4. Initial Hearing: An initial hearing is scheduled where both parties present their cases.
  5. Judgment: Based on the evidence and arguments, a judgment is passed.
  6. Appeal Process: If dissatisfied with the judgment, either party can appeal the decision through the Rental Dispute Center (RDC) system. The appeal must be filed within 15 days of the initial judgment.
  7. Appeal Security Amount: In Dubai, the security deposit for a rental dispute appeal is usually set at 50% of the amount awarded against the appellant in the judgment issued by the First Instance Committee. This deposit is refundable once the appeal is resolved.
  8. Service Fees: Additional fees for processing the appeal range from AED 500 to AED 1,000.
  9. Tele-Litigation System: Dubai offers a tele-litigation system for remote hearings, enhancing accessibility and convenience.
  10. Enforcing Decision: Once a final decision is made, it can be enforced through the DLD.

Legal Services Related to Rental Dispute Appeals in Dubai

Al Mulla Lawyers offer comprehensive legal services to navigate rental disputes and appeals in Dubai. Here’s how they can assist:

  • Qualified Legal Professionals: Expert lawyers specialize in real estate disputes, ensuring you receive the best legal advice and representation.
  • Case Filing: Assistance in filing a rental dispute case and preparing the necessary documentation.
  • Mediation: Offering mediation services to resolve disputes amicably before proceeding to court.
  • Legal Process Guidance: Step-by-step guidance through the legal process, ensuring compliance with current laws and updates.
  • Complaint Verification: Ensuring all complaints meet compliance standards for successful verification.
  • Hearing Representation: Representing clients in hearings and tele-litigation sessions.
  • Explanatory Memorandum: Preparing detailed explanatory memorandums to support your case.
  • Rental Good Conduct Certificate: If required, assist in obtaining the Rental Good Conduct Certificate.
  • Appeal Preparation: Preparing and filing appeals, including calculating and submitting the appeal security amount.
  • Enforcing Judgment: Legal assistance in enforcing the final judgment through the DLD.
  • Service Fees Management: Transparent management of service fees and payment receipts, ensuring all costs are communicated and managed.
  • Law Firm Expertise: Leveraging extensive expertise for the best possible outcome, with comprehensive packages available for ongoing legal support.

FAQs about Rental Appeals in Dubai

You must file an appeal within 15 days of the initial judgment through the Rental Dispute Center (RDC).
The rental dispute Dubai appeal security amount is typically 50% of the amount awarded against the appellant in the initial judgment. This amount is refundable upon resolution of the appeal.


Navigating the rental dispute Dubai appeal process requires a thorough understanding and careful preparation. By utilizing professional legal services like those offered by Al Mulla Lawyers, tenants and landlords can ensure their cases are handled efficiently and in compliance with Dubai’s legal standards.

Whether you’re filing a case, preparing for a hearing, or enforcing a judgment, expert legal guidance can significantly improve your chances of achieving a favorable outcome.

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