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How to Check Rent Increase in Dubai

how to check rent increase in dubai

How to check rent increase in Dubai 2024?

It is essential to comprehend your rights as a tenant or aspiring tenant. Fortunately, Dubai’s regulations are in favor of tenants, and the Dubai rent calculator is a helpful resource that you can use.

This article will guide you through the process of checking rent increases in Dubai, giving you the necessary information and protection.

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How to check rent increase in Dubai online

Dubai Land Department has established regulations restricting the extent to which landlords can increase rent.

The RERA Calculator or rental index calculator, provided by the authority, is your solution. By using this tool, you can determine the maximum allowable increase your landlord can implement.

RERA rent increase calculator

The Dubai rental increase calculator employs a straightforward methodology. It compares your existing rental agreement with your specific locality’s average rental market rate.

Decree Number 43 from the Land Department outlines the guidelines landlords must follow:

  • No rent increase is permitted if your rent is less than 10% below the average market rate.
  • For rent 11% to 20% below average, a maximum 5% increase is allowed.
  • Rent 21% to 30% below average can see a maximum 10% increase.
  • If your rent falls between 31% and 40% below average, a maximum 15% increase can be applied.
  • Rent exceeding 40% below average allows for a maximum 20% increase.

FAQs about rental increase in Dubai

Seek advice from professionals like Al Mulla, specializing in rental cases, to safeguard your rights.
You can calculate the increase in your rent by using the RERA calculator provided by the Dubai Land Department. Enter your details into the calculator to determine the maximum allowable rent increase based on Dubai's regulations.
In Dubai, the maximum rent increase allowed varies based on how much your current rent deviates from the average market rate. For instance, if your rent is less than 10% below average, no rent increase is permitted.
In Dubai, if your rent is 11% to 20% below average, the maximum allowable increase is 5%. However, whether it's legal for a landlord to increase the rent by more than 5% depends on your specific situation and compliance with Dubai's rental regulations.
The percentage increase in RERA depends on the deviation of your current rent from the average market rate. For example, if your rent falls between 21% and 30% below average, the maximum allowable increase is 10%. This can be calculated using the RERA Calculator.

Conclusion about how to check rent increase in Dubai:

Dubai’s regulations prioritize tenant protection, ensuring reasonable and fair rent increases.

Understanding the 90-day notice, the Dubai rent calculator, and the predefined limits will help you confidently manage rent increase matters.

Utilize the RERA Calculator to determine the permissible increase, and seek professional assistance from experts like Al Mulla to ensure your rights are upheld.

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