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Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities Dubai UAE

landlord maintenance responsibilities dubai

Understanding the division of responsibilities between landlords and tenants in Dubai 2024 is crucial.

This article delves into the key aspects of landlord maintenance responsibilities Dubai, shedding light on the legal framework.

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Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities Dubai

Dubai’s Law No. 26 of 2007 Regulating the Relationship between Landlords and Tenants governs the maintenance obligations in rental agreements.

According to Article 16 of the Dubai Rent Law, landlords are responsible for apartment maintenance and repairs during the lease term.

This encompasses resolving breakdowns, defects, or damages that hinder the tenant’s full use of the property.

Landlord tenant maintenance responsibilities

Article 17 of the Dubai Rent Law reinforces the landlord’s liability for maintaining the rented apartment’s functionality.

Landlords must rectify breakdowns, impairments, defects, or damages for reasons beyond the tenant’s control.

Even if the changes were initiated by the landlord or someone authorized by them, the landlord remains accountable for these modifications.

Tenant’s Role in Maintenance

While landlords are responsible for apartment maintenance, tenants must also uphold certain responsibilities.

Under Article 19 of the Dubai Rent Law, tenants must maintain the rented apartment in good condition.

This includes refraining from making unauthorized changes, conducting restoration work, or performing maintenance without seeking the landlord’s permission.

Tenancy agreement repair and maintenance

In Dubai, landlord maintenance responsibilities are governed by the Dubai Tenancy Law.

According to Article 16, landlords are accountable for maintaining and repairing any defects that may impede tenants’ intended use of the property, unless otherwise agreed.

This encompasses addressing any damages, deficiencies, or wear and tear not caused by the tenant (Article 17).

However, tenants are also obliged to maintain the property like their own, returning it in its original condition, barring reasonable wear and tear (Article 21).

landlord not doing maintenance

Landlord maintenance responsibilities Dubai are to ensure that major maintenance tasks such as structural repairs, air conditioning systems, plumbing, and electrical systems are duly addressed.

Should a landlord fail to meet these obligations, tenants have recourse to the Rental Dispute Centre for resolution, where they may seek orders for repairs or termination of the tenancy contract.

FAQs about landlord maintenance responsibilities in Dubai

Landlords in the UAE are generally responsible for maintaining the rented property in good condition, ensuring it meets habitability standards, and addressing any necessary repairs.
In the UAE, maintenance laws are governed by various regulations and legislation, including the landlord-tenant laws specific to each emirate. These laws outline the obligations of landlords and tenants regarding property maintenance.
In Dubai, the responsibility for painting typically falls on the landlord unless otherwise specified in the tenancy agreement.
If your landlord is not fixing your AC in Dubai, you should first communicate the issue in writing to your landlord, outlining the problem and requesting prompt repairs. If the issue persists, you may escalate the matter to the relevant authorities, such as the Dubai Rental Dispute Centre, for resolution.


Understanding the division of responsibilities between landlords and tenants regarding apartment maintenance is essential in Dubai’s rental landscape.

Landlords are primarily responsible for maintaining and repairing rented apartments, ensuring tenants enjoy a functional living environment.

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