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How much notice to give landlord Dubai UAE

how much notice to give landlord dubai

How much notice to give landlord Dubai?

As the preference for renting properties in Dubai rises, understanding the legal aspects in 2024 becomes paramount.

This article delves into the crucial topic of how much notice to give a landlord in Dubai, shedding light on tenants’ rights and obligations for a harmonious rental experience.

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How much notice to give landlord Dubai?

Tenants in Dubai hold the right to renew their rental contracts, provided they notify the landlord 90 days before the contract’s end.

If the landlord needs to evict tenants, valid reasons must be provided, as stated in the Landlord and Tenant Law and Dubai Tenancy Law.

As a tenant, you possess rights to a discrimination-free process, health, safety, habitability, timely responses, and privacy.

RERA rules for tenants

RERA, the regulatory authority in Dubai’s real estate sector, outlines the obligations and responsibilities tenants must adhere to.

The RERA tenancy contract specifies tenants’ roles, with notable articles including.

  • Article 19. Timely payment of agreed rent and seeking landlord permission for property alterations.
  • Article 21. Upon lease termination, surrendering the property in the same condition, barring ordinary wear and tear.
  • Article 22. Payment of necessary taxes and fees unless agreed otherwise.
  • Article 23. Not removing improvements made to the property unless otherwise agreed.

FAQs about how much notice to give landlords in Dubai.

landlords must provide a 12-month notice to tenants for eviction, as per tenancy laws.
No, eviction requires a valid reason per Article 25 of Law No. (26) of 2007. A written 30-day eviction notice is mandatory.


Dubai’s rental market offers diverse opportunities, but understanding your rights and obligations is paramount for a harmonious tenancy experience.

Knowing notice periods and other regulations protects all parties involved whether you’re a tenant or landlord.

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