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Notice Period For Tenants In Dubai UAE

notice period for tenants in dubai

When renting a property in Dubai, understanding the notice period is crucial for landlords and tenants.

In this article, we will delve into the specifics of the notice period for tenants in Dubai, outlining the situations in which a tenant can be evicted, the required notice period, and key legal aspects in 2024.

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Notice Period For Tenants In Dubai

According to Article 25(2)(c) of the Amended Rent Law, the landlord must provide a 12-month notice to end tenancy in Dubai.

This 12 months notice period grants tenants sufficient time to make necessary arrangements in case of eviction.

Tenant’s Rights

If a tenant abides by the tenancy contract terms and hasn’t breached any clauses, the eviction can only occur based on the grounds stipulated in Dubai tenancy law.

This emphasizes the importance of the specified grounds for eviction.

Mutual Termination

Both parties, the landlord and the tenant, can mutually agree in writing to terminate a tenancy contract at any point during its term.

Article 7 of the Dubai Rent Law highlights that unilateral termination during the contract term is not permitted; it must be done by mutual consent or in accordance with the law’s provisions.

RERA Rules for Agreement Termination Dubai

As per the Amended Rent Law of Dubai, there are specific grounds upon which a landlord may seek tenant eviction. These grounds include:

  • Property Demolition and Reconstruction. If the landlord obtains permission from competent local authorities to demolish and reconstruct the rented property.
  • Unfeasible Restoration or Repair. If the property’s restoration or repair cannot be done while the tenant occupies the premises.
  • The owner or Family Residency. If the property owner or their first-degree family members wish to reside in the rented property, provided no suitable alternative property is available.
  • Property Sale. If the landlord intends to sell the rented property.

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FAQs about the notice period for tenants Dubai

Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant offers expert legal guidance in rental cases, leveraging their in-depth knowledge of UAE's rental laws to provide effective solutions and protect the rights of landlords and tenants.
Yes, a 12-month eviction notice served through a notary public is required in cases where a landlord intends to evict a tenant based on the specified grounds, as per Article 25(2)(c).


Understanding the notice period for tenants in Dubai is pivotal for a harmonious landlord-tenant relationship.

Whether you’re a landlord seeking eviction or a tenant facing potential eviction, being aware of the legal requirements outlined in the Amended Rent Law is essential.

By adhering to these regulations, you can navigate the rental landscape in Dubai with confidence and peace of mind.

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