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Who is responsible for painting landlord or tenant Abu Dhabi 2023?

who is responsible for painting landlord or tenant abu dhabi

Who is responsible for painting landlord or tenant Abu Dhabi?

This article aims to clarify this matter, outlining the roles of both parties in property painting obligations.

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Who is responsible for painting landlord or tenant Abu Dhabi in 2023?

Per prevailing norms and regulations in Abu Dhabi, landlords are generally responsible for providing their tenants with properties in a habitable condition.

This includes ensuring the property is freshly painted before the tenant moves in.

Therefore, when a tenant initially takes possession of a property, the landlord is responsible for ensuring that the space is adequately painted and well-maintained.

Tenant’s Perspective: Regular Maintenance.

Once the tenant occupies the property, the responsibility for its regular upkeep and maintenance shifts to them.

This includes routine tasks like cleaning, minor repairs, and even touch-up painting to keep the property in good condition throughout the tenancy period.

When Repainting Might Be Necessary.

While the initial painting obligation usually rests with the landlord, circumstances that warrant repainting during the tenancy might arise.

For instance, if the tenant has caused significant damage to the walls beyond normal wear and tear, they might be responsible for covering the costs of repainting those areas.

FAQs about painting in Abu Dhabi.

Landlords are usually responsible for providing freshly painted properties at the start of a tenancy. However, tenants are responsible for maintaining the property's appearance during their stay.
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Determining the responsibility for painting in Abu Dhabi boils down to the initial condition of the property and the ongoing maintenance requirements.

Landlords typically provide freshly painted properties to tenants, while tenants are responsible for maintaining the property’s appearance during their stay.

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