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Landlord not returning security deposit Sharjah

landlord not returning security deposit sharjah

Landlord not returning security deposit Sharjah; what to do?

The uncertainty of not receiving your security deposit back from your landlord upon moving out can be disconcerting.

This article offers guidance on the steps to follow if your landlord is not returning your security deposit in Sharjah 2024.

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Landlord not returning security deposit Sharjah

Facing the challenge of a withheld security deposit requires careful consideration and proactive action. Here are the essential steps to navigate this situation successfully.

  • Understanding Your Lease Agreement.
    Begin by thoroughly reviewing your lease agreement, paying special attention to any clauses related to maintenance responsibilities and security deposit return procedures.
  • Maintenance and Documentation.
    According to law, landlords are typically responsible for property maintenance.
    However, if your lease agreement specifies minor maintenance responsibilities for tenants, ensure you document all maintenance requests and receipts for transparency.
  • Addressing Wall Condition.
    The condition of the walls is a common factor in security deposit disputes. Repair any damages, marks, or holes, and repaint the walls as needed before vacating.
    Keep in mind the colours and seek permission from the landlord if necessary.
  • Handling Furniture and Inventory.
    If you’re leaving an unfurnished property, ensure all furniture is removed.
    For furnished properties, ensure all items are in their designated places and good condition. Refer to the initial inventory and maintain the property accordingly.
  • Clearing Bills and Utilities.
    Settle all outstanding utility bills before moving out.
    Inform relevant service providers about your move to avoid further charges. Ensure equipment is returned to providers to prevent deductions from your deposit.
  • Final Inspection with the Landlord.
    Schedule a final inspection with your landlord before returning the keys.
    Walk through the property together, identifying existing issues and damages. Capture evidence through photos and videos, and obtain the landlord’s written acknowledgement.
  • If you vacated before clearing things, you can try to file a Rental Dispute using the Digital Sharjah app or the Municipality website.

Professional Legal Guidance for security deposit refund Sharjah

If communication and efforts fail, seeking legal assistance becomes crucial. Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant specializes in security deposit cases in Sharjah.

His expertise can guide you through the legal process.

FAQs about landlord not returning security deposit sharjah

Yes, seeking legal assistance, particularly from experts like Al Mulla Lawyers and Legal Consultants, can enhance your chances of successfully reclaiming your security deposit in Sharjah.
1- File a complaint.
2- Pay a fee and submit relevant documents.
3- A judge will issue a verdict if no settlement is reached.
4- You can appeal the verdict by paying a fee, and the appeal verdict will be final and binding.


Being denied your security deposit by a landlord can be a distressing experience.

However, adhering to legal procedures, documenting the property’s condition, and seeking expert legal guidance can significantly improve your chances of reclaiming your deposit.

With the right approach and support, tenants can ensure a fair resolution to this issue in Sharjah.

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