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Tenant Rights UAE – Your Legal Protections in Dubai

tenant rights uae

Tenant rights UAE are governed by specific regulations that outline landlords’ and tenants’ rights and responsibilities.

Tenants must know their legal protections to ensure a fair and transparent rental experience.

This article delves into the key tenant rights in the UAE and sheds light on allowable rent increases.

Also, it highlights expert guidance from Al Mulla, a prominent Lawyer & Legal Consultant specializing in tenant rights cases in the UAE.

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Tenant Rights UAE Dubai – Your Legal Protections 2023.

According to UAE law, landlords are responsible for maintaining and repairing rental properties.

However, it’s common for landlords and tenants to agree on a threshold for repair bills, such as up to Dhs500 for apartments and Dhs1,000 for villas.

This arrangement can streamline minor repair expenses.

Lease Renewal.

Tenants can renew their lease contracts, provided they notify their landlord 90 days before the lease expires. This provision ensures tenants can extend their stay under agreed-upon terms.

Right to Stay.

If tenants adhere to the lease terms and conditions, they can stay in their leased property.

Eviction is only permissible under specific valid reasons outlined in the Landlord and Tenant Law, and the landlord must provide the relevant notice period.

Allowable Rent Increases.

Landlords can increase rent with a 90-day notice before the lease expires. However, the rent increase must comply with the limits set by the Dubai Land Department. The increase is determined by comparing a tenant’s current rent to the average market rental rate in the area.

Expert Advice from Al Mulla.

For matters related to tenant rights in the UAE, seeking professional advice is crucial. Al Mulla, a seasoned Lawyer & Legal Consultant, is well-versed in tenant rights cases.

His expertise can guide tenants through legal complexities and protect their rights.

FAQs about tenant rights UAE.

Al Mulla is a renowned Lawyer & Legal Consultant specializing in tenant rights cases. His expertise can provide invaluable support to navigate tenant-landlord disputes and ensure your rights are upheld.
Landlords can only evict tenants for specific valid reasons outlined in the Landlord and Tenant Law. The proper notice period must also be provided.


Tenant rights in the UAE are safeguarded by legal provisions that ensure fairness and transparency in rental agreements.

Tenants have the right to maintenance, lease renewal, and staying in the property, provided they comply with the terms.

Rent increases are subject to limits, and disputes can be addressed through legal channels.

For expert guidance on tenant rights cases, Al Mulla is a reliable source to ensure your rights are respected and upheld throughout your rental journey.

Contact the office of Al Mulla via Whatsapp. Click here. You can also call us on phone: 00971501961291.

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