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Tenancy Contract Early Termination Dubai – Legal consultant in UAE

tenancy contract early termination dubai

Whether you’re a prospective tenant or a landlord, understanding the legal requirements and essential components of a tenancy contract early termination Dubai is paramount.

This article explores the key aspects of tenancy contract early termination in Dubai, outlining the circumstances, consequences, and notice requirements.

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Tenancy Contract Early Termination Dubai – Legal consultant UAE.

Outline circumstances under which either party can terminate the contract prematurely.

Dubai’s tenancy laws specify various circumstances under which either party can prematurely terminate a tenancy contract:

  • Non-Payment of Rent. If the tenant fails to pay the rent, the landlord has grounds for early termination. However, specific notice requirements must be met.
  • Breach of Contract. A breach of the tenancy contract terms by either party can trigger early termination. This could include issues like unauthorized property modifications.
  • Mutual Agreement. Both the landlord and tenant can mutually agree to terminate the contract prematurely. Such agreements should be documented and adhere to legal requirements.

Clearly state the consequences of early termination, such as penalties or security deposit forfeiture.

The consequences of early termination can vary based on the circumstances and terms of the contract.

Penalties may apply, and in some cases, the security deposit could be forfeited, depending on the terms outlined in the contract.

Termination by Tenants.

Tenants can terminate the contract at its end or earlier if the landlord breaches it, with a 90-day notice requirement.

Tenants in Dubai have the right to terminate a tenancy contract under specific conditions:

End of Contract. Tenants can choose not to renew the contract at its natural end, provided they give the landlord a 90-day notice.

Landlord’s Breach. If the landlord breaches the contract, tenants can terminate it with a 90-day notice. Breaches could include failure to maintain the property as per the agreement.

Notice Requirements.

Tenants must receive a 90-day notice of rent increases or contract termination.

Dubai’s tenancy laws are designed to protect the interests of both parties.

If a landlord intends to increase the rent or terminate the contract, they must provide the tenant with a 90-day notice to allow ample time to make necessary arrangements.

FAQs about tenancy contract early termination Dubai.

Consequences can include penalties and, in some cases, the forfeiture of the security deposit, depending on the contract terms.
He provides expert guidance and legal assistance, ensuring your rights are protected and the process is smooth.


Navigating tenancy contract early termination in Dubai requires a clear understanding of the legal framework and notice requirements.

Whether you’re a landlord looking to terminate a contract due to a breach or a tenant considering ending a tenancy, knowing your rights and responsibilities is essential.

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