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Breaking Tenancy Contract in Dubai

breaking tenancy contract in dubai

Are you considering breaking tenancy contract in Dubai before it expires? Don’t miss the legal details.

This article covers the legal requirements and notice periods for early termination of tenancy agreements in Dubai. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, you’ll find the information to handle the process smoothly and legally in 2024.

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Breaking Tenancy Contract in Dubai by Landlord or Tenant

In Dubai, if a landlord wishes to terminate the tenancy contract before its end date, they must generally provide a 12-month notice as per Law No. 33 of 2008. This law applies particularly if the landlord intends to sell or use the property for personal use.

The notice must be given in writing and sent via registered mail or a notary public. Additionally, the landlord must adhere to any terms and conditions stipulated in the tenancy contract regarding early termination, including any penalties or conditions that may apply.

On the other hand, if a tenant wishes to terminate the tenancy contract before its end date, the notice period and conditions for early termination are typically stipulated in the tenancy contract itself.

Under RERA regulations, tenants have no specific mandated notice period for early termination; therefore, referring to the terms agreed upon in the contract is essential. Tenants should comply with any penalties or conditions outlined in the contract for early termination.

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Considerations Before Breaking Lease Agreement

  • Property Condition: According to Article 15 of Law No. 33 of 2008, the landlord must maintain the property in undamaged condition for the tenant.
  • Rent Payments: Rental payments should be made through post-dated cheques, and any deviations must be addressed with the Dubai Rental Dispute Settlement Centre.
  • Lease Contracts: While the standard lease contract is one page, additional clauses can be added through an addendum. It’s crucial to read all clauses carefully to avoid future complications.
  • Post-Lease: Article 6 of Law No. 26 of 2007 allows tenants to remain on the property with the landlord’s consent, typically under the same terms for a year.

Tips for Tenants Breaking Tenancy Contracts Early in Dubai

  • Reviewing Your Lease Agreement.
    To understand your options, thoroughly review your lease agreement. Look for termination clauses or penalties for breaking the contract. If your lease lacks such clauses, you can negotiate more flexibly with your landlord.
  • Negotiating with Your Landlord.
    Discuss your reasons for early termination and your desire to relocate with your landlord. Negotiate mutually beneficial exit strategies, which may involve paying a penalty or finding a replacement tenant to compensate the landlord’s losses.
  • Finding a Replacement Tenant. Many landlords agree to breaking tenancy contract in Dubai if you provide a replacement tenant. Start your search for a new tenant to ensure a smooth transition. Failing to find a replacement may result in a penalty of two months’ rent upon departure.

Legal Services Related to Dubai Tenancy Contract Early Ending

Our team of experienced lawyers provides thorough legal services for breaking tenancy contracts in Dubai, ensuring compliance with RERA

tenancy law and other relevant regulations. We offer expert guidance on:

  • Understanding tenancy contract rules and conditions for tenancy contract expiry.
  • Clarify tenants’ and landlords’ rights under the Ejari system.
  • Managing tenancy contract registration and ensuring valid rental agreements.
  • Navigating the legal process for contract termination, including early termination clauses and compensation for ending tenancy contracts.
  • Advising on the required notice period for termination and handling tenant eviction cases.
  • Facilitating rental agreement termination and supporting negotiations for exit clauses.
  • Assisting with tenancy agreement transfer and other related matters.

FAQs about Breaking Dubai Tenancy Contracts

Yes, but it requires the tenant and landlord's consent, as per Dubai's rental laws.
Consider property conditions, rent payment methods, and lease contract clauses.
Landlords can terminate tenancy agreements in specific cases as outlined in Article 25 of Law No. 33 of 2008. These cases include non-payment of rent, unauthorized subtenants, illegal activities, property damage, or misuse. The landlord must follow the legal procedures for eviction, including providing proper notice.

Conclusion about breaking tenancy contract in Dubai.

Breaking a tenancy contract in Dubai involves understanding the legal framework, negotiating with your landlord, and considering your options carefully.

To navigate these complexities effectively, consider seeking legal counsel from experts like Al Mulla, a renowned Lawyer & Legal Consultant specializing in tenancy contract cases in Dubai.

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